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The first edition of Cloud UP! A post-event recap

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Cloud UP! – new event for cloud computing leaders
Cloud UP! – new event for cloud computing leaders

CloudUP! is a new event for IT and business decision-makers, organized under the "Share. Explore. Execute." motto to promote the exchange of knowledge and practical experience from cloud migrations and implementations. We created it together with Google Cloud and CIONET for managers who want to use cloud technologies in their organizations and thus build a competitive advantage.

We gathered in Mała Warszawa with 150 people from more than 70 organizations representing almost every major economic sector: from financial and energy through industrial and medical to e-commerce and public.

The Cloud UP! agenda, which included expert sessions, speed panels, and in-depth discussions in the form of roundtables, revolved around four thematic blocks: infrastructure management, cloud transformation, data, and AI/GenAI. Attendees all agreed that the openness of both the panelists and the audience to share their cloud best practices was the key. Behind-the-scenes stories were shared by our customers: Booksy, Vodeno, Europa Ubezpieczenia, PKO BP, XTB, Veolia, VOX, Animex, and STS. We talked, about other things, about:

  • what are the most common challenges on the path to digital transformation and how to overcome them,
  • how to manage cloud infrastructure and what are the benefits of the Infrastructure as Code approach,
  • how FinOps can help with the process of modernizing IT infrastructure,
  • which tools and practices use in a multi-cloud model,
  • how to effectively organize data to unlock its potential and maximize its value, and how to use artificial intelligence wisely and effectively in business processes.

In the discussions, including those that were continued during networking, there was no shortage of hot keywords such as Service Mesh, Observability, DRC, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Data Lake, Resilience, and GitOps. These are critical to building strong organizations focused on technology-driven growth and are now key pieces of the cloud puzzle.

Developing the Cloud UP! concept, we wanted to create a space for sharing experiences and best practices in leveraging the potential of the cloud on the cusp of the AI revolution, which is becoming an integral part of modern business strategies. Our intention is to make CloudUP! a permanent item in the calendars of managers who associate the future of their organizations with the effective use of cloud technologies and who, at the same time, want to co-create a community of people involved in their implementation and popularization.


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