Cloud Cost Optimization (FinOps)

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Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud is definitely a step towards a flexible and scalable IT environment. However, poor monitoring of resource consumption and generated costs may significantly affect an organization’s ability to control its processes, and hinder its growth.

Our experts can help you manage costs in a cloud environment and get maximum value from your cloud investment.

What is FinOps?

FinOps is a range of cultural and operational methods and best practices for financial cloud management. Its goal is to provide information about costs, ensure cost optimization and implement measures to control cloud spending while maintaining maximum cloud business value.



Identify cost-related data and use it to allocate resources, analyze and report, assign roles in your organization, provide shared expectations and develop the ability to forecast trends and expenses within budget.

Who is it for?

Our FinOps service is designed for any organization that uses the cloud - from startup to large enterprise - and wants to understand and optimize their costs and processes. Regardless of the size of your company or the industry you operate in, we can help you efficiently manage your cloud spend.

FinOps responds to challenges such as:

  • how to understand and find yourself in different billing methods?

  • how to forecast and understand cloud-generated costs?

  • how to use native and non-native tools to stay within budget?

  • how to gain control over finances as your business grows along with the cost of your development environments?

  • how to break old habits related to working in an on-prem environment?

  • how to make the best of the cloud potential in an efficient yet cost-effective manner?


Cost monitoring ikona

Cost monitoring

By implementing and developing FinOps practices, you will accurately monitor cloud-related costs, reducing the risk of excessive and uncontrolled spending.

Cost transparency ikona

Cost transparency

You get insight into your cloud spend and keep it under control; you’ll also understand where it comes from, how it is affected and what is bottlenecking your budgeting.

Maximized cloud ROI ikona

Maximized cloud ROI

By consciously managing cloud-generated costs and related expenses, you can streamline the use of cloud resources while increasing their effectiveness.

Scalability and flexibility ikona

Scalability and flexibility

You can increase or decrease the use of your resources, consciously aligning them with your organization's business needs.

Competitive edge and innovation ikona

Competitive edge and innovation

With solid control over your finances, you can focus on developing innovative solutions that will ultimately make your services and products more competitive.

Effective business decisions ikona

Effective business decisions

Understanding the correlations between your processes and costs will allow you to make more insight-driven decisions related to both business and technology.

Cooperation steps



Together we will discuss your challenges and the scope of our support; we will also ask you to give our experts access to the environments that will be the subject of our analysis.



Our Cloud Advisors will analyze your entire cloud architecture in terms of identifying suboptimal resource management practices, the most expensive services, and quick-wins.



OChK experts will gather recommendations and present them in the form of a report that will serve as a basis for planning further steps; we will also identify resources and tools that will allow you to plan where and how to use FinOps to improve efficiency in your environment.



We will share our cloud know-how and practical advice, during training sessions. Thanks to them, you will easily implement FinOps in your company, gaining control over your spend and measure the effectiveness of the cloud.

Our FinOps service can be either a one-off review or an ongoing service.

Billing model

Individual pricing depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

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