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Ensuring an adequate level of security in a cloud IT environment requires knowledge of the specifics of those kinds of solutions. OChK employs security experts experienced in building and monitoring cloud environments (OChK Platform, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure), on-premise environments, and hybrids that combine the different technologies. As part of the security services offered, our experts can use their experience and expertise to support the clients’s team in ensuring the appropriate level of security of their IT environment.

Security services are a combination of software, hardware solutions, and the competence of the team of security architects and engineers. Our advantage is the unique experience we have in the area of securing and monitoring cloud computing environments, as well as our ability to provide services 24/7.

Who is it for?

For organizations that want to develop their IT environments in a cloud and provide them with an appropriately high level of security.

Types of solutions for security

SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service is a service for monitoring client's resources to maintain and ensure uninterrupted operation, proper configuration, and integration of IT environments.

Multicloud SOC Consulting

Analysis by OChK specialists of the client’s cloud environments in terms of security monitoring.

Cloud Security Assessment

Personalized security assessment service for cloud solutions used in an organization. Allows to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its protections.

Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)

Backup IT environment for maintaining the organization’s business continuity.

Golden Copy

Separated from the client’s environment, this copy of data guarantees being able to quickly restore the data if it is lost.

Compliance services

Compliance support for clients from the commercial sector.

Support in meeting the requirements of the PFSA

Assistance with formal/legal and technological aspects to ensure compliance with Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) regulations.

Our Google Cloud specialization and expertise

OChK's proficiency with Google Cloud is demonstrated through specialization and expertise in specific technology areas. This is achieved through properly trained and certified employees and a track record of successful customer implementations that have been officially reviewed and approved by the Google Cloud team.

Google Cloud Application Development Specialization badgeGoogle Cloud Infrastructure Specialization badge
Google Cloud Consumer Packaged Goods Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Compliance Modernization Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Financial Services Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Identity & Security Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud SAP Expertise badge

Our competence in Microsoft Azure

Skills of the OChK team in the use of Microsoft Azure are confirmed by the team’s achieved partner status in particular technology areas. Achievement of partner status results from development of the team members’ abilities as confirmed by certificates, as well as from projects completed using the listed technologies. OChK has the following partner statuses:

MS Solution Partner Infrastructure status bagdeMS Solution Partner App Innovation status bagdeMS Solution Partner Modern Work status bagde

Billing model

We offer flexible methods of billing for your chosen security services package.

Safety is the key

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