Onboarding & Migration

Onboarding & Migration
Onboarding & Migration

When it comes to large organizations, moving IT resources to a cloud environment is a complex challenge. It requires skills in building and operating cloud systems as well as the abilities needed to launch/configure a new cloud environment and move any existing applications. Management automation tools available in a cloud will help simplify management of the IT environment, but using them requires adequate preparation and the right level of security.

Organizations that want to take advantage of cloud technologies can count on our help in choosing a platform suiting their needs, including hybrid and multicloud solutions.

Depending on the given client’s needs, we are able to support them at the stage of setting up a billing sub-account or assigning access to relevant people in the organization. For companies that expect more support, we can build a “landing zone”. This is a technical configuration of the environment taking into account any requirements of the given client in terms of access management, business services, cybersecurity, and legal requirements.

We support migration processes by moving entire IT environments, and we rebuild them to maximize the benefits of a public cloud. To ensure that the organization continues to thrive in a cloud environment, we help improve the skills of IT teams in this area.

Who is it for?

For companies that want to efficiently and effectively move their IT environments and take full advantage of the potential of a cloud.


Landing Zone

Configured cloud environment, in which new or migrated applications can be run.

Applications migration

Analysis, selection of the migration model, migration support, and launch of applications in the cloud.

Kubernets Regulatory Compliant

Google Kubernetes Service tailored to the needs of regulated markets.

Google Cloud Workshop

Workshops to quickly and smoothly get you up and running in the Google Cloud environment.

Secure and Compliant App Platform

Secure and compliant cloud platform.

Infrastructure as Code

Unified and easy-to-manage infrastructure deployed automatically.


  • Assistance in choosing the best cloud solution

  • Ready-to-go configured cloud environment

  • Assistance with migration and, possibly, adaptation of existing applications

  • Assurance of an adequate level of security of the cloud

  • Support from experts experienced in cloud implementations

  • Skill-building in the client’s team

Our Google Cloud specialization and expertise

OChK's proficiency with Google Cloud is demonstrated through specialization and expertise in specific technology areas. This is achieved through properly trained and certified employees and a track record of successful customer implementations that have been officially reviewed and approved by the Google Cloud team.

Google Cloud Application Development Specialization badgeGoogle Cloud Infrastructure Specialization badge
Google Cloud Consumer Packaged Goods Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Compliance Modernization Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Financial Services Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Identity & Security Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud SAP Expertise badge

Our competence in Microsoft Azure

Skills of the OChK team in the use of Microsoft Azure are confirmed by the team’s achieved partner status in particular technology areas. Achievement of partner status results from development of the team members’ abilities as confirmed by certificates, as well as from projects completed using the listed technologies. OChK has the following partner statuses:

MS Solution Partner Infrastructure status bagdeMS Solution Partner App Innovation status bagdeMS Solution Partner Modern Work status bagde

Billing model

Individual pricing based on the size of the IT environment and the scope of work.

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