Cloud Management Platform

Cloud Management Platform
Cloud Management Platform

Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is OChK’s own application that facilitates management of a multicloud environment. In a single login panel, clients can find information on costs and the current status of their resources. Cloud Management Platform is a tool that supports people who manage IT environments, by providing them with a clear data-presenting panel.

Cloud Management Platform was created in response to the growing need to efficiently manage multicloud environments. According to a survey by the analyst firm Gartner, 81% of companies use more than one cloud provider. The multicloud approach is something we are very familiar with. After all, we offer Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, as well as our own OChK Platform. We help clients choose the optimal solution, often combining different technologies. CMP is a tool that allows to manage such a complex environment.

In CMP, the client also gets a repository of information on each of the cloud services used (price lists, terms and conditions, contracts). What is more, the application allows easy ordering of additional services.

Who is it for?

For medium and large organizations that want to combine the services of various cloud service providers in their IT environments.


  • Better control over costs generated by individual cloud services – reports, alerts, budgets

  • Notifications about major events on cloud platforms

  • Ease of comparing costs between different public clouds

  • Convenience of use – one panel giving access to all clouds

  • Access to a catalog of verified partner products

  • Ordering of services directly from the platform

  • Overview of current and historical contracts, orders, terms and conditions in one place

Billing model

The Basic version is free for all clients of OChK. More advanced features can be used in the Premium version available on a monthly subscription.

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