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IT environment management services make it possible to entrust operations related to maintaining the clients’ systems to OChK engineers who specialize in such processes.

The quality of those services is guaranteed by our experts’ years of experience backed by certificates as well as by partnerships with software developers, hardware manufacturers, and public cloud providers. The scope of our management services covers all the relevant operating and network systems, databases, and virtualization systems.

From the client’s IT department, our specialists can take over day-to-day execution of requests, tasks, security updates, and the round-the-clock monitoring of the environment.

Who is it for?

Management services are intended for companies that want to focus on key areas of their business, while keeping quality and costs under control.

Types of solutions

24/7 monitoring of operation

System for verifying the correct operation of the environment, supervised 24/7 by the team of Operators.

Security updates

Maintaining the latest software security versions in accordance with the adopted security policy.

Execution of requests and tasks

Performing routine tasks related to operation of the environment, e.g., creating new users, managing access privileges.

Reports on the state of the environment

Preparing periodic reports that present the current state of the environment along with forecasts of trends in performance and capacity.

Cloud data backup

Managing the process of backing up the environment, conducting periodic restoration tests.

Configuration and implementation

Carrying out the initial implementation of the environment, any agreed configuration changes to the environment, or entire migration projects within it.

Environment state audit

Verification of the state of the environment in view of the best market standards for both security and efficiency.

Expert advice and support

Support from OChK experts regarding opportunities to develop, optimize, or automate the environment.

FinOps/ Cost optimization

Technical advisory, review of spending with actionable recommendations, possible as a one-off review, or continuous service.

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  • Management of the environment according to the best standards and recommendations in the field of security

  • Possibility of taking advantage of solutions in fields which, until now, made it necessary to recruit specialists or else remained unexplored

  • Optimization of the costs of routine maintenance activities through their automation and access to specialized tools

  • Unique support allowing to respond faster to any potential problems, thanks to partnerships with technology companies that supply hardware and software

  • Precisely defined SLAs allowing to combine business expectations with anticipated costs of IT

Billing model

The service is billed on a monthly basis for each managed environment, depending on the scope in the Standard or Enterprise model.

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