Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct defines the principles and guidelines to follow in the course of OChK’s business activity in order to promote ethical behavior and prevent abuse.


We are an organization that operates in accordance with generally applicable laws, ethical standards, best practices and market standards. In our activities, we aim to build long-term value of the company for the benefit of all stakeholders, including employees, clients and owners, while respecting the principles of CSR and ESG.

The values based on which we want to build our organizational culture and our relations with the external environment include shared responsibility, security, professionalism, proactiveness, respect and compliance. Each of these is defined in the Code using examples of ethical behavior that support the implementation of OChK’s business strategy.

In our work, we combine the latest technologies and people who can put them into practice. We work in cross-functional teams and value openness, constructive dialogue, a culture of knowledge sharing, and a desire to continuously develop individual competencies. The sum of these creates added value and strengthens our company. This allows the organizations we work with to take full advantage of the potential of the cloud in implementing their business strategies.

Our Code is participatory: its content was developed by representatives of all teams during workshops and arrangements with the management. The Code applies to all employees and associates of OChK, and any violations of the principles contained therein should be reported in accordance with the applicable whistleblowing procedure.

Last updated: January 2023

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