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GenAI, or generative artificial intelligence, is a new type of technology that can create unique texts, images, videos, and sounds based on the data provided. With AI algorithms today critical to the growth plans of many organizations, GenAI is becoming an indispensable tool for those seeking competitive advantage.

LLM, or large language models, on which most GenAI solutions are based, are also part of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Thanks to our strategic partnerships we can access a comprehensive set of natural language processing tools, machine learning models, full-text search engines, and developer environments. Using available enterprise-class models, together we can build AI solutions that suit your organization's needs.

Types of solutions

Voicebots and chatbots ikona

Voicebots and chatbots

Generating images, videos, and sounds ikona

Generating images, videos, and sounds

Generating texts ikona

Generating texts

Generating and completing code ikona

Generating and completing code

Analyzing documents ikona

Analyzing documents

Example solutions


A fully secure, personalized, natural language-based enterprise-class chatbot that facilitates access to information gathered in your knowledge base.


An advanced, natural language-based tool for summarizing and reporting tabular data.

Who is it for?

GenAI solutions are suitable for all businesses regardless of the industry or sector in which they operate – from the private organizations to government entities.


Structuring and streamlining

internal processes brings about faster and more efficient teams.

Natural language in AI tools

enables contextual search, as well as recognizing synonyms, typos, colloquialisms, and corporate jargon in your queries.

Gaining a competitive edge

is possible by improving the quality of products and services, and by launching new ones that provide unique or added value for your clients.

The versatility of GenAI tools

make it possible for us to build a solution for any industry, making it fully compatible with your company’s needs and expectations.

Technology priority

means getting access to the latest tools on hyperscalers’ cloud platforms thanks to OChK’s strategic partnerships with Google and Microsoft.

Expert business and technological support

is provided for you by our team of engineers at the stage of designing, developing, and optimizing the solution.

Data security and regulatory compliance

in your company is ensured with OChK’s advanced security mechanisms and tools available on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Billing model

Individual pricing depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

Harness the potential of AI

in your organization

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