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Implementing appropriate security incident detection mechanisms and immediate response is crucial for any organization, both for business continuity and regulatory compliance. In addition, it prevents the harsh consequences of cyber attacks, the number of which is constantly growing. All these aspects are changing the approach of modern organizations to shaping their security strategy that meet today's challenges; implementing a SOC service is one way to meet them.

As part of SOC as a Service, OChK's team of certified experts provides 24x7 monitoring of our clients' resources and IT environments. They prevent, detect, and respond to threats, providing comprehensive support to your organization and using up-to-date cyber security knowledge to eliminate gaps and vulnerabilities to counter attacks.

Why choose SOC as a Service?

In-house security monitoring

  • difficulties in obtaining qualified employees; costs associated with maintaining and training them

  • high costs (time and people) to fully monitor processes and systems

  • the need to organize a proper space, purchase specialized tools, and make upgrades; the uncertainty of making the right choices

  • long time to achieve full operational readiness

SOC as a Service

  • no costs associated with hiring and training new employees; the guarantee of working with a certified team

  • putting experts in charge of processes; freeing up resources to take care of other business-critical activities

  • expert assistance in selecting and configuring the right tools (including process automation, analytics, and data virtualization) and implementing key process changes when necessary

  • quick launch of the service, customizing it to meet the needs of the organization, and professional support

Who is it for?

Our SOC as a Service is for companies that want to:

  • ensure the highest level of security

  • strengthen resilience to cybersecurity incidents, including ransomware, phishing, and malware attacks

  • secure stored data, protecting it from leakage or theft

  • maintain a secure, resilient IT environment

  • ensure the security of legally protected information and meet regulatory requirements (including The Polish Financial Supervision Authority) for using cloud services

  • prepare for changes resulting from newly introduced regulations such as NIS2 and DORA

Security Operations Center at OChK

Our SOC as a Service, depending on the client's needs, includes:

identifying vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and working with the client's IT team to manage them

protecting users' servers and end devices, as well as enabling automated threat response

identifying information security threats in M365 or Google Workspace

identifying threats to custom client’s applications

identifying threats to public cloud network services and network solutions in the client's local infrastructure

building rules that identify threats and implementing automated mitigation measures

doing a detailed analysis of security incidents

providing support in technology risk management

threat intelligence, i.e., informing the client of new threats relevant to their infrastructure and technology

threat hunting, i.e., active monitoring of threats in the client’s infrastructure

hardening, i.e., identifying possible improvements to the security configuration in the client’s infrastructure

implementing automated countermeasures

Our SOC as a Service is powered by Microsoft Sentinel, a scalable, cloud-native solution that helps us proactively identify, detect, and respond to security threats, manage security information and events (SIEM), and orchestrate and automate security operations (SOAR).


Our expertise is evidenced by individual employee certifications and the ISO 27001:2013 certification in the field of providing SOC security monitoring services.

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Secure infrastructure ikona

Secure infrastructure

Provided assessment of your infrastructure security level, its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and ways to eliminate them.

24/7 monitoring and expert support icon

24/7 monitoring and expert support

24/7 monitoring of your IT environment by our team of certified experts with up-to-date cybersecurity knowledge that they can use in practice.

Proactive protection and quick response icon

Proactive protection and quick response

Identification of risks and the guarantee of immediate action to minimize potential damage.

Advanced technology icon

Advanced technology

Access to the latest technologies for analyzing anomalies and detecting incidents.

Regulatory compliance icon

Regulatory compliance

Assistance in meeting regulatory requirements, such as NIS2, DORA, GDPR or the PFSA so-called cloud communication.

Reducing costs icon

Reducing costs

Reducing and optimizing costs associated with maintaining an internal SOC team and SIEM solutions, and implementing security measures where needed.

Reporting and analysis icon

Reporting and analysis

Regular provision of detailed reports and analysis of the security condition of your IT environment to help you make informed business decisions.

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Billing model

Individual pricing depending on, among other things, the size and complexity of the infrastructure, the number of incidents and monitored scenarios. We offer flexible billing methods.

Choose security. Use our SOC as a Service.