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For organizations that need custom IT solutions, we offer the possibility of creating an application ”from scratch”. We help define the client’s needs, suggest potential technological solutions, and then develop, test, and maintain the finished application.

Our team of programmers and software architects is experienced in creating applications using the advantages and off-the-shelf elements of the Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure public clouds. The competence of our team members in software development in said cloud environments is confirmed by the numerous Google and Microsoft certificates they hold. We use a wide range of technologies, which we tailor to the client’s requirements.

The unique value of the solutions we create is the cloud native approach, i.e., creating software that utilizes, to the maximum extent, the possibilities of clouds in terms of security, scalability, management automation, and flexibility. Thanks to our knowledge of cloud tools as well as the team’s experience in both technology and Agile methodology, we are able to deliver an advanced application even several times sooner than is the case in traditional IT projects.

Who is it for?

For large and medium-sized enterprises and public administrations that need customized solutions with a special focus on security and scalability of applications.

Our projects


In a short time, we created the IT system for managing the Covid-19 vaccination program.


A website that allows monitoring the status of Employee Capital Plan accounts.


A service for secure virtual contact between a bank’s clients and employees.


  • Speed of software creating

  • High security of the offered solutions

  • Maximum use of the advantages of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

  • High competence of the programmers team

Our Google Cloud specialization and expertise

OChK's proficiency with Google Cloud is demonstrated through specialization and expertise in specific technology areas. This is achieved through properly trained and certified employees and a track record of successful customer implementations that have been officially reviewed and approved by the Google Cloud team.

Google Cloud Application Development Specialization badgeGoogle Cloud Infrastructure Specialization badge
Google Cloud Consumer Packaged Goods Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Compliance Modernization Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Financial Services Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud Identity & Security Expertise badgeGoogle Cloud SAP Expertise badge

Our competence in Microsoft Azure

Skills of the OChK team in the use of Microsoft Azure are confirmed by the team’s achieved partner status in particular technology areas. Achievement of partner status results from development of the team members’ abilities as confirmed by certificates, as well as from projects completed using the listed technologies. OChK has the following partner statuses:

MS Solution Partner Infrastructure status bagdeMS Solution Partner App Innovation status bagdeMS Solution Partner Modern Work status bagde

Billing model

Individual pricing depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

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