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Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that supplies more than 200 services and applications enabling users to build, test, and implement their own solutions using the infrastructure of the provider – Microsoft Corporation. Azure offers networking, database, analytical, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) services, and much more. Thanks to ready-to-use tools and extensive configuration options, users can quickly set up secure and scalable IT environments.

The possibility of utilizing advanced IT tools offered by the provider of a public cloud accelerates the creation of new services by businesses and supports the innovativeness of the whole economy. Data hosted by the Microsoft Azure service can be stored in the European Economic Area, depending on the clients’ needs.

Thanks to a strategic partnership agreement between Microsoft and OChK, cloud region Azure Poland Central has been established. This enables companies operating in regulated sectors of the Polish market to even more boldly take advantage of the benefits of the cloud while adhering to the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance.

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Why buy Microsoft Azure services through OChK?

Various currencies

Ability to settle up in various currencies (EUR, USD, PLN).

Local support

Technical support: 1st line of support provided by OChK experts.

Experience and competence

Experience and competence of the OChK team, which supports its clients in the process of selection and implementation of services (more than 50 Google Cloud certificates).

Additional services

Ability to purchase additional services related to environment monitoring, management, security and support.

Best commercial conditions

Contact us and check out our best offer.


High level of security and compliance of any implemented solutions.

EU based entity

Ongoing cooperation with a company registered and operating in Poland.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

  • Security and regulatory compliance of Microsoft Azure – more than 90 certifications from around the world

  • Scalability and automation of environments – automatic scaling and adaptation of environments to current business requirements

  • High availability – redundancy, disaster recovery mechanisms, creating of backup copies, and monitoring the state of the services

  • Global cloud services provider – more than 200 different types of services available in 60 regions all over the world

  • Azure close to you – 130 points of contact (PoP, Content Delivery Network)

  • Possibility of utilizing the latest technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence and Internet of things, in an affordable cloud model

Our competence in Microsoft Azure

Skills of the OChK team in the use of Microsoft Azure are confirmed by the team’s achieved partner status in particular technology areas. Achievement of partner status results from development of the team members’ abilities as confirmed by certificates, as well as from projects completed using the listed technologies. OChK has the following partner statuses:

MS Solution Partner Infrastructure status bagdeMS Solution Partner App Innovation status bagdeMS Solution Partner Modern Work status bagde

OChK is one of only a few entities on the Polish market that also have a Microsoft LSP (Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider) partner status. This means that OChK, in addition to its cloud-based product range, is able to sell on-premise solutions (located on client's servers) in the Polish market, thus forming the basis for building hybrid platforms.

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