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OChK Platform Receives Award in the “Secure Cloud“ Category

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OChK Platform Receives Award in the 'Secure Cloud' Category
OChK Platform Receives Award in the 'Secure Cloud' Category

The OChK Platform, our proprietary solution, has been recognized in the "Secure Cloud" category in the "Best in Cloud" competition conducted by Computerworld. OChK was thus recognized as one of the leading cloud solution providers in Poland.

The 12th edition of the "Best in Cloud" conference and competition once again brought together a large number of IT decision-makers seeking to stay current with effective cloud solutions and the most noteworthy examples of cloud implementations realized by providers of this technology. The most innovative cloud solutions were recognized with awards in as many as six product categories. In the "Secure Cloud" category, the jury acknowledged our OChK Platform and its four key security-related attributes:

  • it is based on security-by-design model, and its flexible architecture allows it to adapt to the unique needs and expectations of individual organizations;
  • it provides end-to-end data security and full geographic redundancy of resources;
  • it enables automation of resource management from code (Infrastructure as Code), supporting DevOps processes;
  • it has 24/7 OChK team support along with SOC security monitoring.

We are delighted that the OChK Platform has been recognized by the jury of the “Best in Cloud” competition. We built this product from scratch and have continued to develop it over the years to make it more responsive to the changing needs of organizations, while ensuring full compliance and security. Our tool is ready to integrate with various security systems at no additional cost. Also, the OChK Platform can be used as part of a public, hybrid or private cloud; for example, as an orchestrator layer that adds public cloud capabilities to an on-premises virtualization environment. It is not only the security that is so important today, but also the agnostic, seamless management, the automation, and cost optimization, concludes Katarzyna Drabik, Head of Product Development at OChK.

The OChK Platform is a solution for organizations that expect the highest level of auditability and security. OChK implements and continuously improves the Integrated Information Security and Business Continuity Management System and is certified according to the international standards ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018. In addition, during the latest recertification in May 2024, the scope of certification for ISO 27001:2013 was extended to include security monitoring services of the Security Operations Center.

For a detailed description of the capabilities of the OChK Platform, visit our website. We also invite you to read a case study about our collaboration with PGZ Naval Shipyard on the Miecznik project.


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