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The OChK team prepared the organization's configuration (landing zone) in Google Cloud, a secure and reliable cloud environment.

Animex Foods is the largest meat company in Poland. It specializes in the production of pork and poultry meat and meat products and is the largest employer in the industry and a leader in exports. The company has 11 plants across the country and employs approximately 11,000 people.

In 1999, Smithfield Foods Inc. became a strategic investor in Animex. Thanks to the presence of an industrial strategic investor, Animex has access to a wide pool of knowledge, experience and technological innovations, which allows it to further develop its brands both in Poland and on international markets.

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Animex uses IT systems not only in support areas, but also in the management of critical processes, such as production control in meat plants and livestock farms.

To ensure business continuity, Animex developed a Disaster Recovery Plan that involved keeping several data centers in Poland on standby at considerable cost. The lack of an automated system to switch to backup IT environments in the event of a failure was also a concern. In addition, Animex recognized the risk of locating all of its data centers in Poland.


The OChK team prepared the organization's configuration (landing zone) in Google Cloud, a secure and reliable cloud environment.

  • 30 SAP virtual machines have been migrated to a new environment in Google Cloud.

  • To ensure business continuity, a Disaster Recovery Center was implemented and configured in several Google Cloud regions.

  • Tools that allow infrastructure to be code configured (Infrastructure as Code, Terraform, etc.) automate the switch to a backup center in the event of a failure.

  • In addition, there was the possibility to test the DRC without interrupting the production environment.


  • By moving some of its SAP systems to the Google Cloud environment, Animex has significantly increased its resilience in the face of the risk of data center outages or security breaches. The Disaster Recovery Plan that has been implemented and regularly tested confirms that the backup environment will ensure business continuity in the event of any issues.

  • Work efficiency has also increased significantly. The time needed to perform the most time-consuming operations has been cut in half.

  • With the implementation of cost control and automation tools (e.g., blanking test and development environments during off-hours), the environment is at the optimal point between cost and efficiency.


the number of SAP system virtual machines migrated

80 TB

the amount of data migrated as part of the project

Project partner

The partner in the implementation of this project was the company 7technology, which specializes in SAP system deployments. In this project, they were responsible for migrating the SAP BASIS layer (including the OS system, SAP application layer, and database layer) to the infrastructure prepared by OChK.

Technologies used

Compute Engine

Cloud Storage

Development Tools (Automation)

Terraform / Terragrunt

Cloud Monitoring