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DevSkiller and its international expansion with Google Marketplace

Deployment date: 2023

Sector: new technologies

Google Cloud

DevSkiller decided that it should launch its TalentScore product on Google Cloud Marketplace to continue its international expansion and gain new clients in global markets. Efficient and effective onboarding required adequate know-how and a rapid communication path with Google Cloud Marketplace, which is why the startup decided to work with OChK. Cooperation brought quick and reliable integration of TalentScore with Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling DevSkiller to effectively use the new sales channel to reach clients globally.

About Devskiller

DevSkiller is a startup that provides a cloud-based platform for managing talents, mapping skills, and setting career paths. The company already provides its HR tech services to more than 100 countries, with 50% of its revenue generated in the US. DevSkiller solutions are used by companies such as PayPal, Deloitte, Schneider Electric, and Orange. The startup’s flagship product is TalentScore, the most reliable technical skills assessment platform on the market. It is based on the RealLifeTesting methodology, which enables the assessment of the candidates’ skills in an objective and accurate way.


To continue its dynamic growth, DevSkiller wanted to launch its TalentScore product on Google Cloud Marketplace (GCM) effectively and efficiently.

GCM provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with an opportunity to use the SaaS model to sell their B2B services, including data analytics, machine learning, Big Data, cybersecurity, data monitoring and storage, process optimization, and developer tools. The company’s presence on GCM allows it to:

  • optimize the cost of sales activities and improve their efficiency, reach a large base of Google Cloud customers

  • generate new sales leads on the global market

  • increase the company’s visibility and build its credibility on an international scale

  • accelerate the implementation of business and technology solutions (in weeks rather than months)

  • build direct relations with Google and engage in joint promotional activities

In an attempt to use the full potential of GCM, DevSkiller faced the challenge of finding the right partner to help integrate its TalentScore tool with Google Cloud Marketplace. It was not an easy task since such services are only provided by four Google Cloud partners worldwide, with most of them based in the US. DevSkiller trusted OChK to:

  • verify the candidate’s profile with Google’s internal requirements

  • streamline the implementation process so as to have the solution published on GCM as soon as possible

  • leverage direct partnership relations with the GCM team in order to improve regular communication and process execution

A successful launch on Google Cloud Marketplace ensures vast business growth opportunities for many companies. The challenge most often faced by organizations is the direct integration of their solutions with GCM. This makes many software providers turn to a GCM technical partner for support. The right partner, such as OChK, optimizes introduction and launch on the platform, making it fast, efficient, and smooth.

Solution and implementation

  • The OChK team first verified DevSkiller’s solutions against Google Cloud’s technical requirements

  • OChK advised DevSkiller on building the best possible pricing model for TalentScore in GCM, and had additional consultations with Google engineers

  • OChK supported the DevSkiller team in integrating its invoicing system with the GCM system

  • OChK mediated communication with Google to ensure smooth, quick, and seamless implementation of the project


  • Thanks to its presence on Google Cloud Marketplace, DevSkiller has gained access to a new customer base and can consistently expand its client portfolio. According to a report by “State of Cloud GTM 2023,” 83% of companies surveyed admitted they would most likely use cloud marketplaces, and 42% of buyers had purchased business applications there in the past 12 months.

  • The startup has expanded its operations to new international markets and gained a new prospective sales channel. According to analysts at Canalys, the value of the cloud marketplace market will exceed $45 billion by 2025.

  • DevSkiller has improved the process of finalizing transactions, eliminating one of the key barriers to working with customers. Around 50% of vendors who use marketplaces believe that one of the biggest obstacles to financing transactions is the difficulty in purchasing and in making contracts (“State of Cloud GTM 2023” report by

  • The company has strengthened its position in the global market and improved its ability to engage in joint marketing and sales activities with Google.

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OChK’s expertise and their support made a great difference to our successful launch on Google Cloud Marketplace. Their profound understanding of the character of this environment and strategic leadership made the entire process quick and seamless. DevSkiller’s reach and visibility was greatly expanded. Our cooperation was an important milestone in our business journey that opened the door for new opportunities and growth in cloud services.

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Jakub Kubryński

CEO, Devskiller

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