Case study - Diagnostyka

Diagnostyka and its new, dependable online store

Deployment date: 2023

Sector: healthcare

Google Cloud

Due to Diagnostyka's rapid online store expansion, the company wanted to upgrade its IT infrastructure. OChK performed the migration of resources to Google Cloud, completed the necessary documentation, and guided the entire process while increasing the technical skills of Diagnostyka's IT team. After a six-month collaboration, Diagnostyka has a fully modern, automated IT environment for its e-commerce platform that is easily scalable and fully manageable.

Diagnostyka is the biggest medical laboratory network in Poland and has been operating since 1998. At present, it runs more than 180 laboratories and about 1,100 collection points across the country. They perform over 120 million yearly tests for almost 20 million patients. To ensure effective sales management and timely delivery of test results, Diagnostyka uses advanced medical technologies for diagnosis and modern IT systems.


  • Improving the stability of Diagnostyka's online store - the store allows customers to buy diagnostic services quickly and conveniently. With an ever-expanding portfolio and the growing popularity of the e-store (today, one in three transactions take place via this channel), Diagnostyka aimed to guarantee stability to ensure customer satisfaction, maintain business continuity, and preserve financial liquidity.

  • Keeping up with rapid growth and improving the efficiency of IT solutions - Diagnostyka was aware that the organization's expansion, along with technological challenges, made legacy IT solutions ineffective. The organization needed assurances that it could scale its operations without worrying about outdated technology and its limitations.

  • Cost optimization and greater control over the IT environment - Previous cloud solutions caused the cost of managing the cloud to increase, and the company lacked satisfactory control over its IT environment.

Diagnostyka needed a modern, extensible IT infrastructure for its online store that enables rapid application launches in line with the company's growth rate. To meet these challenges, the decision was made to move the store's applications to Google Cloud in a lift-and-shift approach. In order to take full advantage of the potential of the Google Cloud tools, the Diagnostyka team will be provided with additional training.

Solution and implementation

  • The OChK team created a landing zone in Google Cloud, a pre-configured IT environment that accelerates application deployment and resource migration to the cloud.

  • During the migration process, we adopted a lift-and-shift approach to transfer Diagnostyka's e-commerce app to this new environment.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions helped us efficiently configure the environment's infrastructure and automate the deployment process using code.

  • We also completed the missing project documentation using reverse engineering.

  • Throughout the six-month migration period, the OChK team managed both e-commerce requests and incidents, while ensuring server and service availability monitoring. As a result, Diagnostyka's IT team gained valuable experience and now has the skills necessary to manage the new environment on an ongoing basis.

  • In addition, the OChK team helped build Diagnostyka's Google Cloud skills through a series of joint workshops.

Technologies used

Google Cloud

Landing zone

Virtual machine

Infrastructure as Code


  • Diagnostyka's e-commerce application operates on a highly efficient and resilient Google Cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing reliable operations and satisfied customers.

  • Through modern and scalable IT solutions, and with the help of native public cloud solutions, Diagnostyka can now build and develop their app in weeks instead of months.

  • The Diagnostyka team received structured technical documentation thanks to OChK's support, enabling them to operate independently without external vendors.

  • Working with the OChK team for six months greatly improved Diagnostyka's team skills and experience in working with the Google Cloud environment. This will enable them to develop their own solutions on the platform more effectively.

  • The automated cloud environment streamlines change implementation and reduces costs.

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The challenges we faced within our IT infrastructure were noticeable obstacles, causing us to spend more time resolving current problems rather than brainstorming and developing new projects. It became apparent that changes were required not only to alleviate the IT team's workload but also to enhance in-house expertise and efficiently integrate new tools into the online store. Recognizing the benefits of using Google Cloud solutions, we approached the experts at OChK to help us implement them. For six months, OChK provided training, maintenance services, incident and online store request management, and server and service availability monitoring. In addition, our IT department acquired the necessary skills to monitor the new environment. The solutions proposed by OChK and the opportunities provided by Google Cloud infrastructure not only addressed our challenges but also proved to be a valuable investment in employee skills. Today, with access to new tools and experience, we can confidently focus on development without worrying about technology falling behind.

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Robert Tomaka

Head of IT Infrastructure & Chief Information Security Officer, Diagnostyka

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