Case study - Europa Ubezpieczenia

Europa Ubezpieczenia and the landing zone compliant with the UKNF

Deployment date: 2023

Sector: insurance

Google Cloud

Europa Ubezpieczenia is an insurance company focused on the bancassurance, affinity and tourism segments that has been active in Poland for over 25 years.

The OChK team has prepared a Google Cloud IT environment for Europa Insurance. Secure Landing Zone is not only properly configured and secured, but also compliant with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) requirements.


To ensure scalability, flexibility and cost optimisation, Europa Ubezpieczenia decided to move their IT environment to the cloud. The use of a public cloud by an entity controlled by the Financial Supervision Authority requires strict compliance with the legal and technical guidelines set out in the Cloud Communication.


The OChK team in tandem with Europa Ubezpieczenia developed secure foundations for the organisation in Google Cloud, which enabled us to build and implement business applications.

  • The entire infrastructure is described in Terraform, a code that automatises both the calls of network infrastructure and the creation of projects and resources.

  • To make the project compliant with the FSA requirements, we implemented a solution called KMS, which is designed for managing the cryptographic key material used to encode Google Cloud resources.

  • The communication between Google Cloud and the client’s on-premise infrastructure runs via Google VPN.

  • To facilitate access to the cloud’s resources, we used Cloud DNS.

  • Europa Ubezpieczenia can call new container applications using the Kubernetes platform.


Properly prepared and configured by OChK experts, the public Google Cloud environment enables the team from Europa Ubezpieczenia to develop innovative insurance services. The project lays the foundation for further development of innovative services provided by Europa Ubezpieczenia.

  • Europa Ubezpieczenia can now exploit the benefits of Google Cloud: efficiency and cost control.

  • The OChK team ensured that the prepared IT environment meets the FSA requirements for data processing in a public cloud, in both formal and technical aspects.

  • Environment automation with the use of Terraform minimises the engagement in infrastructure management.

Technologies used

Google Cloud

Terraform / Terragrunt

Gitlab Workflow

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google VPN

Cloud DNS


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The competitiveness of an insurance company, especially one such as ours, specialised in partnerships, lies in agile processes supported by a simple, easily upgradeable, scalable technology. This is where we see our advantage and value for our partners and their clients. We assume that important investments in the building of a cloud solutions team in collaboration with OChK will move us to new levels of data analysis, service, product development and implementation, and business scalability. In particular in the affinity channel, which we look at not only from the perspective of the Polish market but of the whole of Europe, this is the only way we can keep up with fintech enterprises.

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Grzegorz Pawlicki

Director and Chief Information Officer at Europa Ubezpieczenia companies

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