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OChK wins 2023 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year Award EMEA

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OChK wins 2023 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year Award EMEA
OChK wins 2023 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year Award EMEA

OChK has been named the 2023 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year. The award was given for the "Place for Children" project, in which OChK, in partnership with Palantir Technologies, built a technological solution to provide comprehensive support to underage refugees from war-torn Ukraine who arrived in Poland without legal guardians.

The Russian aggression against Ukraine in February 2022 led to a refugee crisis. In addition to adults and families, many minors fled to Poland without their legal guardians. It was crucial to take care of the underage as quickly as possible, ensure their safety and protect them from various threats, including human trafficking.

The system developed by OChK was created in accordance with Polish laws and regulations. It enabled efficient management and monitoring of thousands of Ukrainian minors in Poland - from registration at the border crossing to placement in foster care. The rapid implementation of the solution was made possible by using the Foundry platform by Palantir Technologies, OChK's partner in implementing this and other projects to help refugees from war-torn Ukraine.

- Google Cloud’s partner awards recognize the significant impact and customer success that our partners have driven over the past year - said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud. - We're delighted to recognize OChK as a 2023 Google Cloud Partner Award winner, and look forward to a continued strong partnership in support of our mutual customers.

By using the Palantir Foundry platform running on Google Cloud, the project team was able to focus on building the functionality of the solution. This approach was expected by the Polish institutions responsible for the care of refugee minors and helped to complete the project from concept to implementation in just three weeks. Given the dynamic nature of the situation, the IT system was designed to be flexible and easy to evolve, delivering key functionality as quickly as possible.

- We are very proud to be recognized by Google Cloud in the Social Impact Partner of the Year category. In our everyday work we focus primarily on business, but with the war affecting our neighbors, it was obvious for us to get involved in a humanitarian project such as “Place for Children”. We used our cloud expertise to deliver an IT system as quickly as possible to manage the crisis situation smoothly and securely. This is an excellent example of how well-designed technology can effectively support initiatives whose value cannot be measured. Equally important is the human factor - this and many other projects would not have been possible without the tremendous dedication and professionalism of the whole team, for which I would like to thank them - concludes Michał Potoczek, CEO, OChK.

This is the second time that OChK has been recognized by Google Cloud. In 2021 OChK received a Google Cloud Customer Award in the Healthcare and Life Sciences category for the COVID-19 vaccination e-Registration system, developed for the e-Health Centre in Poland.


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