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OChK with Application Development Specialization from Google

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OChK with Application Development Specialization from Google
OChK with Application Development Specialization from Google

OChK is the first company in Poland to receive the Application Development – Services Partner Specialization. The specialization is awarded to Google partners who have demonstrated repeated success in building and managing applications using Google Cloud solutions.

Formal confirmation of specialization means that OChK has been included in a small group of companies from all over the world that have mastered the skills of creating from scratch scalable applications running on the Google Cloud platform, taking full advantage of the potential of its embedded solutions while adding value at the same time.

“The newly awarded specialization evidences that we have joined the global elite and know how to build cloud native applications in line with the stringent standards, while the competencies, knowledge and experience of our engineers enable us to implement even the most complex projects, such as the e-Registration system,” said Marcin Dzienniak, CTO of OChK.

Not only is OChK a public cloud service provider, but it also offers services related to cloud security and management, resource migration and custom application development. OChK experts support clients throughout the entire application development process, from analyzing requirements and architecture through to implementation and integration with existing systems and processes. In many cases, they also handle further application development and maintenance.

Application Development Specialization is confirmed by Google Cloud as a result of an evaluation process conducted by Information Security Systems International, an independent audit firm. The auditor analyzed the business and technical assumptions of our completed projects, case studies confirmed by clients and the competencies of OChK experts.

Google Cloud products covered by the Application Development Specialization include: Apigee, App Engine, Cloud CDN, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Deployment Manager, Cloud Endpoints, Cloud Functions, Cloud IAM, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine, Container Builder, Container Registry, DialogFlow Enterprise Edition, Firebase and Stackdriver.

Projects implemented by OChK using Google Cloud solutions

This is another confirmation of the competencies of the OChK team in developing applications based on the Google Cloud platform. Last year, OChK won the Google Cloud Customer Award global competition in the Healthcare and Life Sciences category. The award was granted for the COVID-19 vaccination e-Registration system developed for Centrum e‑Zdrowia [e-Health Center]. The jury of the competition recognized OChK engineers for their innovative approach, technical excellence and expert use of Google Cloud resources for the implementation of the complex and demanding project. The vaccination registration system was developed from scratch in a record-breaking time of a few weeks in late 2020 and early 2021 for Centrum e‑Zdrowia [e-Health Center] and has been gradually extended to include additional functionalities, maintained and monitored by the OChK team. Between mid-January 2021 and mid-April 2022, more than 49 million COVID-19 vaccination appointments were completed using e-Registration.

Another project that was audited for the Application Development Specialization was MojePPK Service. OChK designed (architecture, UX) and developed a web application running in the public cloud that allows users enrolled in Employee Capital Plans [Pracowniczy Plan Kapitałowy, PPK] to check the balance of their accumulated savings. The portal is a one-stop solution to handle interactions with PPK participants. It includes an application for PPK participants that allows them to check their account balances and the profits earned by the investment funds, a call center application and a mechanism for periodic import of data from financial institutions into the applications.

The eDoradca (eAdvisor) service, which the OChK team developed together with PKO Bank Polski’s IT Department at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, still facilitates secure contact with bank employees without the client having to leave home. Although the service was initially aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, in time it was also extended to individual clients as another remote contact channel. A similar app developed by OChK is also used to remotely serve clients of Kredobank, which operates in Ukraine.

Prior to obtaining Application Development Specialization, the OChK team confirmed 16 areas of expertise in various aspects of the use of Google Cloud in completed projects. The areas of expertise include: VM Migration, Google Cloud Analytics, Google Cloud Productivity, Compute, Google Cloud Databases, Google Cloud Networking, Open Source Technology, Application Security and Google Cloud Onboarding. Onboarding expertise is the first expertise obtained in this area in Poland. In order to evidence its expertise in each of these areas, the OChK team had to demonstrate successful client implementations.


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