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OChK with Google Cloud specialization: Infrastructure – Services

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OChK with Google Cloud specialization: Infrastructure – Services
OChK with Google Cloud specialization: Infrastructure – Services

OChK has obtained the Infrastructure Services specialization that confirms OChK’s competence, proven knowledge and practical skills in designing and building infrastructure in Google Cloud. The specialization was awarded on the basis of an analysis of the projects carried out by the OChK team for clients in the financial and manufacturing sectors. In addition, the company specializes in cloud application development.

Specializations earned by Google Cloud partners are a confirmation of the highest level of competence in implementing projects using this technology. For organizations migrating resources to Google Cloud, choosing a partner with a specific specialization is a guarantee of professional support, especially in highly complex projects. Achieving a specialization is preceded by a comprehensive audit carried out by an independent company, which verifies the implementation processes and the competence and experience of the team on the basis of certificates held, expertise previously acquired, published case studies and documentation of specific implementations.

OChK thus joins a small group of highly specialized cloud solution providers in Poland that have both the Infrastructure – Services and Application Development – and the requisite Services specializations.

“We have obtained our second Google Cloud Specialization confirming that we are among the elite of Google's public cloud IT infrastructure management service providers. We were granted the Infrastructure – Services specialization as a result of our implementations in two very important and demanding industries: finance and manufacturing. In the financial sector, we have specialized in implementing Secure Landing Zones compliant with the position of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) on cloud services. In the manufacturing industry, we have a proven track record in building performance and cost-optimized infrastructure for ERP solutions including a security-enhanced Disaster Recovery Center environment. The auditors appreciated our knowledge and experience as well as our methodology, which significantly automates and accelerates the implementation of projects for our clients,” said Marcin Dzienniak, CTO of OChK.

Examples of infrastructure projects implemented by OChK

The Infrastructure – Services specialization audit covered two recent implementations from the broad portfolio of projects completed by the OChK team. The first is a secure cloud environment on Google Cloud built for TU Europa. The Secure Landing Zone is not only properly set up and secured, but also complies with PFSA requirements. This project lays the foundation for further development of innovative insurance services offered by TU Europa both in Poland and internationally.

The second project analyzed involves building an infrastructure for the most critical ERP solutions in the manufacturing sector, including a Disaster Recovery Center environment, for Animex – the largest company on the Polish market that specializes in the production of meat and meat products. Animex operates 11 production plants, so the stability, availability and efficiency of the IT environment are critical to the effective operations of the company. By migrating key systems to Google Cloud, the company has achieved low latency data access, and a properly configured DRC ensures high availability of the environment and continuity of operations in case of unexpected events.


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